Introduction: Why am I doing this?

Alright lads.

Thanks for joining me for this blogging adventure. Here’s what’ll happen:

  • I’m going to systematically go through every album on this list of Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 favourite albums of all time.
  • I’m going to review them all, right here on this blog.
  • I’ll start with the no. 1 greatest album of all time (supposedly), to guarantee we start off on the right foot with some records everyone’s heard of.
  • Ultimately, we’ll find out (together! I hope you’re excited) whether the 500 greatest albums of all time really are the greatest albums of all time.
  • I suppose some day I’ll reach the end of the list and run out of albums. At which point… I don’t know. I guess that’s my life’s purpose fulfilled so I’ll have to shed this mortal coil.

So, let’s get an important question out of the way: why exactly am I doing this to myself? Well, my reasons are manyfold:

  • Firstly, to get to know my musical history. There are tons of hugely influential and incredibly popular albums out there that I simply have never heard or am not familiar with. I already have a fairly good grasp on pop music history, but this’ll be like a next-level course. It’s my musical PhD. And this blog is my thesis.
  • Secondly, to discover some sick tunes. If these truly are the greatest albums of all time, they must be good, right? Maybe I’ll find a bunch of new albums, songs, and bands worthy of adding to my collection.
  • And finally, because it’s fun.

To give you an indication of where I stand with the list right now, I’ll tell you this: I only own one album in the top 100, and I’ve only heard around 10 of them all the way through. I’ve got a lot of listening to catch up on.

Cheers for joining me, reader.

A few notes before we get going:

  • I’m listening to all these albums through Apple Music. If Apple Music doesn’t have a record on the list, I’m probably not going to go out of my way to listen to it.
  • Rolling Stone, as the name suggests, skews towards rock music, and it looks like this list does too. I have a feeling that means that some utterly fantastic albums from other genres will get pushed aside to make room for more rock, so let’s bear that in mind as we embark on this challenge.
  • On that note… I have a few, uh, thoughts on how RS has compiled its list, which I may express at some point.

Okay. Let’s do this.


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