No. 1 – The Beatles, ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’

Good news – we’ve started off well! I’m thrilled to confirm that Rolling Stone’s number one favourite album of all time is indeed a good album. So that bodes well for the rest of the list. And, uh, the future of this blog, actually.

What The Beatles have made with ‘Sgt. Pepper’ is a solid pop album. Every track is listenable, fun, and a little bit different from everything else on there. It feels polished, like the fab four have thoroughly fine-tuned their songwriting skills – which is especially impressive considering this one came so early in their careers.

The thing is, though, I have to question whether this is truly the best album of all time. Sure, it’s good – great, even – but I wouldn’t hold it much further above that.

When to listen to it: It’s an all-purpose record. Stick it on when you’re relaxing, when you’re getting ready to party down – it all works.

Verdict: Did I enjoy it? Yes. Would I listen to it of my own volition? Yes. Is it the single greatest album of all time? Eh… no.



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