No.2 – The Beach Boys, ‘Pet Sounds’

I’m digging this one. We’re definitely off to a good start.

While I wouldn’t say ‘Pet Sounds’ is one of my personal favourite albums, I can see why it’s number two on this list. The influence it’s had on modern music is palpable, for a start, with layers of emotion carefully built up in each song. There’s none of the flash-bang of current bubblegum pop, for instance, but this is where pop gets its emotive heart from.

Also, there’s a goat on the cover, which is an automatic plus from me.

When to listen to it: When it’s the end of the summer, and just a bit too cold to go surfing, and your summer romance is either ending or turning into something serious, and you’re walking along in the evening trying not to feel sad that you can’t really wear shorts any more.

Verdict: I like it a lot, and it gets points for influencing some of my very favourite musicians. And I’ve added it to my Apple Music library. ‘Pet Sounds’ is a goodun.



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