No.3 – The Beatles, ‘Revolver’

Oh, cool, more Beatles, is it? I’m sensing a pattern here.

‘Revolver’ is decent. It’s nowhere near as stunning as ‘Sgt. Pepper’ was for me, but, you know, it’s enjoyable. There are some tracks that really stand out – ‘Eleanor Rigby’, for one, and of course ‘Yellow Submarine’ – but unlike ‘Sgt. Pepper’, it feels like there’s a lot of filler. Looking back over the tracklist right now, I can’t remember the majority of the songs on it.

So, I mean… it’s not really ‘top five best albums ever’ material. If it was in the top 100, I’d probably accept it – but if you stick it anywhere near the top 20, I’m going to have a few questions.

Still, there’s sitars and stuff, and I love that shit.

When to listen to it: Saturday afternoon, when you’ve done your chores and housework for the day and want to sit down for a cup of tea before you have to get ready for your evening plans.

Verdict: Yeah, I like it. Don’t think I top-five like it, but I like it.



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