No.6 – Marvin Gaye, ‘What’s Going On’

I’ll warn you right now: I’ve given this album a 5/10, and it does not deserve a 5/10. ‘What’s Going On’ is a good album… it’s just not my sort of thing. Sorry, Marv.

What’s Going On? Not much, really. I feel like, rather than starting a quality album, the question is instead the beginning of one of those bland conversations you used to be forced to have on MSN with someone you see maybe three times a year and whose life isn’t all that fascinating. What’s going on? Nm, u? Nm. Wubu2? Nm, hbu? Nm.

Again, this could just be my personal taste, but none of the tracks on ‘What’s Going On’ particularly stood out. Which isn’t to say I disliked listening to it – I was happy enough with it on in the background. There just wasn’t enough there to keep me interested.

On the plus side, though – look! We’ve broken the straight-white-guys-only pattern!

When to listen to it: When you’re baking, and you don’t normally bake, and you don’t want to bake in silence but you also don’t want anything distracting you. It’s okay. Let Marvin’s caramel tones soothe you. The posset will set. The souffle will rise. Everything will be okay.

Verdict: Like I said, this one didn’t really do it for me, but I can’t bring myself to give it a negative review. It’s fine, you know?



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