No.7 – The Rolling Stones, ‘Exile on Main Street’

The main thing I can say about ‘Exile on Main Street’ is that it’s fun. I found myself havin’ a boogie, often without realising I was doing so and to my utter horror, which is certainly a good sign. ‘Tumbling Dice’ and ‘Sweet Virginia’ provided some standouts that got me inadvertently jivin’.

However, besides a few moments of “ooh, I like this one”, it was ultimately a lot of the same. I can only just about point to those two songs as highlights, and even then I can’t say I’m 100% sure they’re the ones I mean. I certainly couldn’t sing them to you if you asked me to (not that you should, given how much my singing voice sounds like a chainsmoking cat slowly dying).

Ultimately, I liked ‘Exile on Main Street’. But I liked in that way where you just raise your eyebrows slightly and kind of purse your lips and nod, you know?

When to listen to it: When you’re getting ready for a night out, somewhere after choosing an outfit but before the hairspray goes on.

Verdict: Enjoyable from start to finish. Can’t really say much more than that though.



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