No.10 – The Beatles, ‘The White Album’

All right, confession time. For all the shit I talk about The Beatles, I actually love ‘The White Album’. It’s awesome. It feels just as fresh as if it had been released this year. I thought that when I heard it 10 years ago and you know what, I still think it now.

A fun fact about this record: Charles Manson listened to it a lot in prison – pre-Family and pre-murders – and thought the band were trying to communicate the end of the world to him. Helter Skelter was supposedly what the apocalypse would be called; Revolution 9 was what he and his Family would hear going on in the outside world as it ends; and I can’t remember what he thought Piggies was about but I’m pretty sure it was something super racist.

Anyway, even outside of all the grim history of this album that appealed to 16-year-old goth Kim in the first place, it’s brilliant. The tunes are melodic, they’re passionate, and they’re varied. Here the four experiment with folk, baroque pop, heavy rock, and outright experimental stuff – and every time it seems to work and create something worth listening to.

When to listen to it: When you’re a literal murderous sociopath stewing in the clink, apparently.

Verdict. It’s good. Oh man, it’s good. Still a bit tired of listening to Beatles though.



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