No.12 – Miles Davis, ‘Kind of Blue’

I’m sorry, Miles, I really am. You know those albums where you can tell the musician is good – and Davis is superb – but it just doesn’t do it for you?

I mean, heck, I even enjoy the sound of jazz… but I was raised on modern pop and rock, and as a result I simply cannot do music that doesn’t have vocals.

I feel like I should return my music snob licence just for writing that.

Miles – forgive me. You’re fantastic. Sadly, I am unappreciative scum, so I’m going to have to politely decline ‘Kind of Blue’.

When to listen to it: Right, give me my music snob licence back so it can be revoked again for the comment I’m about to make. Miles Davis’ ‘Kind of Blue’ primarily reminded me of the music in the Sims 1 expansion pack ‘Hot Date’. You should listen to ‘Kind of Blue’ when you’re building a downtown lot for your first-gen Sims to smooch in. God, Miles, I really can’t apologise enough.

Verdict: It’s not for me.



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