No.13 – The Velvet Underground & Nico, ‘The Velvet Underground’

Guys! GUYS! It’s a woman! Our first woman of the list!

Sure, it’s a bit disappointing that the first credited female musician is just an add-on, and the album title is the name of the artist who is not her, but hey.

And actually… ‘The Velvet Underground’ is disappointing in a few other ways too.

Given how much of an influence this band have been on a number of my favourite musicians, and given how high up on the list the album is, and given how iconique the album art is, I was expecting a lot more from this. For the most part, nothing really caught my attention besides the songs I already knew. It seemed to just chug along semi-pleasantly.

But then again – it could just be that the format of this challenge doesn’t really lend itself to albums that are growers, which ‘The Velvet Underground’ could well be. All the albums here that I haven’t heard before are only getting one or two listens, for the most part, before I give a verdict. That’s no good for records that you have to get to know, or ones that slowly reveal themselves over time. So, I’m reluctant to write ‘The Velvet Underground’ off, because I get the feeling that it is one such record.

Anyway. I just looked up Nico on Wikipedia and her friends apparently described her as racist and ‘Nazi-esque’ so uh… charming.

When to listen to it: Sitting on a pile of cushions on the floor with a group of friends, passing a joint around, not saying a word, but actually thinking some quite racist words.

Verdict: I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt for now.



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