No.14 – The Beatles, ‘Abbey Road’

Yeah, no, this is too much Beatles – we’ve talked about this. ‘Abbey Road’ is fine but it’s nowhere near as good or interesting enough to even bother reviewing compared with some of the albums we’ve got coming up.

One thing I do love about this album, however, is one of my personal favourite pieces of Beatles-trivia-slash-conspiracy-theories: the cover art famously proves that Paul McCartney had in fact died and been replaced by an impersonator. We can tell he’s dead because he has bare feet – I guess ghosts don’t need shoes – and because the car on the road is headed right for him. And he’s stepping forward with a different leg from the others, which shows he is different, specifically that they are alive and he is dead.

The best thing about this theory – sorry, I mean fact – is that they obviously managed to replace the old Paul with someone who is talented enough to continue writing music at the same calibre as the old one and have just as successful a career. Well done, guys.

When to listen to it: While writing up a business plan for your new line of shoes for ghosts, which you’ve named Phantom Phootwear.

Verdict: Who cares?



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