No.16 – Bob Dylan, ‘Blood on the Tracks’

This was a pleasant surprise. I always kind of wrote Dylan off as being a bit trite and overrated, but ‘Blood on the Tracks’ is actually… I mean, it’s really good. I liked every single track. Imagine me saying this in that very British way where your voice goes up at the end of the sentence that makes you sound mildly surprised when actually you’re deeply astonished by the situation.

The album sounds fresh – if you’d played it to me and told me it was, I don’t know, Conor Oberst’s latest record, I’d have said Wow, when did Conor Oberst start being good? and would just completely accept that it’s a 2017 release.

It’s through ‘Blood on the Tracks’ that I can really see how much Dylan has influenced modern folk, indie, and pop music: melodies that speak for themselves, lyrics that just feel right, and a balanced attitude towards production that makes every element enjoyable.

My profoundest apologies to ol’ Bobby for doubting him. He is a Nobel Prize winner, after all.

When to listen to it: In a meadow somewhere, either in spring or autumn, but not summer or winter.

Verdict: Liked it enough to add it to my Apple Music, and I might download it to listen to on my commute. Conor Oberst wishes.



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