No.18 – Bruce Springsteen, ‘Born to Run’

What is it?: The top album from rugged human embodiment of liberal Americana, The Boss.

What’s it like?: I did enjoy ‘Born to Run’… but I think I’d need to be American to really get it.

It’s so earnest, which I’ll admit is refreshing to hear. But every song is so, so earnest, all in the exact same way – although the songs themselves are each listenable and melodic in and of themselves, the lack of variation in mood gets a little tiring.

The title track is still a tune though.

You have to be in a very specific mood to sit down and listen to ‘Born to run’ from start to finish, and unfortunately I was not in that mood – but I bet this album’s a 10/10 when you are.

When to listen to it: On a road trip through the American midwest, windows open and/or top down, sun shining, cactuses or something, I don’t know, I’ve never been to the midwest.

Verdict: Great for your road trip, won’t really work for a morning commute on the Tube.




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