About this blog

Rolling Stone magazine in the US has a big ol’ list of what it deems the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – and, being a music fan, I’ve decided to give every single one of them a listen.

I’m starting from no. 1 and working my way backwards, because that way I can start off on, hopefully, the right foot with some good tunes.

And I’ll warn you right away – I’m a little critical of how RS put this list together in the first place. That’s something I’ll almost certainly be discussing somewhere down the line.

As for my good self, I’m Kay Staples, and by day I’m a content writer. The rest of my time is spent listening to music and slagging most of it off.

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Q: Why Rolling Stone’s favourite albums? Why not any other publication?
A: Honestly, simply because of the iconic nature of this list. It was a whole magazine issue, it has its own Wikipedia page, it’s had a notable revision… Plus, RS’s musical tastes are inclined towards rock music, much as my own are. I’ll be a little more likely to find something I enjoy – and actually have opinions on the albums – than I would on a comparable list from, I don’t know, MTV.

Q: Should I listen to your opinion on these albums?
A: Absolutely not! My opinion on music doesn’t mean shit. I’m not a music critic, I’m not a music journalist, I don’t even have particularly good taste in music as it is. I’m just a fan, and a picky one at that.

Q: Wait, so why should I bother reading this blog at all?
A: I don’t know, my guy. I’m counting on you being bored.